Injection Molding
Molding Capabilities:

  • Lansen's injection molding machines range from 38 to 360 tons with barrel capacities of 3.3 to 40 oz.
  • Our molding department is supported by a quality assurance program that monitors materials and products from receiving through production and warehousing.
  • Our injection molding machines and inspection equipment are calibrated and certified yearly.
  • We provide secondary operations for special packaging, hot stamping, sublimating, sonic welding and component assembly.

Molding Facilities List:

  • 360 Ton Haitian, 40oz Shot Capacity
  • 360 Ton Haitian, 25oz Shot Capacity
  • 251 Ton Haitian, 20.4oz Shot Capacity
  • 165 Ton Demag, 12.7oz Shot Capacity
  • 124 Ton Demag, 12.7oz Shot Capacity
  • 110 Ton Niigata, 10.6oz Shot Capacity
  • 90 Ton Demag, 9.3oz Shot Capacity
  • 85 Ton Niigata, 4.5oz Shot Capacity
  • 75 Ton Vandorn, 5oz Shot Capacity
  • 55 Ton Cincinnati, 4.4oz Shot Capacity
  • 56 Ton Demag, 4.8oz Shot Capacity
  • 55 Ton Demag, 4.5oz Shot Capacity
  • 38 Ton Demag, 3.3oz Shot Capacity
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Secondary Operations:

  • Hot Stamping
  • Sublimating
  • Sonic Welding
  • Machining: Milling, Drilling, Tapping
  • Component Assembly and Packaging

Support Equipment:

  • Complete In-House Molding Making Facility
  • Novatec 600 Pound Dryer Sytems
  • Novatec NovaDrier Five 60 pound dryers, individually controlled
  • Dri-Air Five 35 pound dryers, individually controlled
  • Computrac Vapor Pro Moisture Analyzer
  • BUDZAR Hot Oil Temperature Control Unit, 550?F
  • Wittmann Tempro Plus 285 temperature controller
  • Conair Sprue Pickers
  • Automated Hopper Loader Dryer Systems
  • Logic Seal Systems
  • Thermolators
  • Granulators
  • Part Conveyers

Inventory Support:

Our extensive warehouse capabilities allow us to stock finished goods for daily shipment to support our customers JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing operations.