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Custom Injection molder supplying the plastics industry with cost effective solutions to molding and tooling needs.

Summary of services provided at Lansen Mold:

Custom Injection Molds, Engineering:
  • Over 64 years experience, Lansen Mold was founded in 1960
  • Project management, Design through packaged product.
  • Mold manufacturing, prototyping, evaluation, and production tooling.

Injection Molding:

  • Over 64 years experience
  • Injection molders ranging from 38 tons to 360 tons.
  • Secondary operations, printing, machining etc.
  • Warehousing of raw materials and finished goods.

Specimen and Plaque Molding:

  • Over 44 years experience
  • Quick and thorough sampling
  • ISO and ASTM standard tooling
  • Large selection of specimen tooling
  • Tensile Bar
  • Flame Bar
  • Izod
  • Disk
  • Tension/Impact
  • Plaque molds
  • Color Chips
  • Flex Fatigue
  • Flow Length

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